Sunday, 26 February 2012

Visiting Opa

I went to visit my Opa last week down at the farm. It's a beautiful old house with stone floors so old they worm away at the doors but it's so old and (Opa's getting old) starting to fall apart. Here a few textures and patterns from there. 

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Samuel Castano

some work by the insanely talented Samuel Castano. Creative envy much?!

nice sequential piece by illustrator Dan Seex 

Hideous Idols 

Basically a selection of pictures about the things we idolise and in particular our willingness to idolise thing built by cruel and ugly people. Versailles is a monument to the greed and opulence of one man, ditto the Pyramids, but still tourists flock to them and talk about how beautiful they are etc. 

The top picture is about oil and basically the smug arseholes who are making a fortune out of it and building their huge glass eyesores to celebrate themselves, e.g. Canary Wharf, The Shard, every building Dubai.

The second picture is along the same lines but this time it's about advertising

The third is about religion. I'm not necessarily against religion, i just think it's a bit crazy to enslave people to built monuments to your imaginary friend.

The forth is for all the scientist who build weapons, your not protecting anyone so stop being so pleased with yourselves

And last the proletariat, happy to slave away building these fucking things...

Hosemox Posters

Some posters for totally awesome Edinburgh band Hosemox. 


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